Occupy Wall Street: A New Jersey Take Coming Soon

The news this morning out of NYC that the police rousted the Occupy Wall Streeters from Zuccotti Park overnight was quite stunning to us. And as it turns out we have just concluded polling that incorporated questions about OWS. This is just a heads up that we will be releasing those results within the next couple hours. While a poll of New Jersey, the results should be of wide interest.

Here’s one tidbit – nearly two-thirds of NJ registered voters believe that officials should not close down the OWS camps in cities around the country, even though more NJ votes are unfavorable than favorable to the movement.

More soon…


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One response to “Occupy Wall Street: A New Jersey Take Coming Soon

  1. I am really cheering the movement on. I am delighted that society is finally starting to wake up and see all the mess which has been going on for way too long. For the wall street movement, continue to be strong and hopefully this winter isn’t going to be to bad. I was also wondering if it would be better to stop for the winter and reorganize to come back far better prepared in the spring. Any thoughts?

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