A New Semester in the World of Academic Survey Research

Following is a post from our new social media intern, here at the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll (and Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling.) Aaron Hyndman will be working to push us further into the social media age. Meanwhile watch for us to become more active on Facebook and Twitter (@EagletonPoll) among other things. Also, watch for new polling results soon – there is a lot going on here in New Jersey!

So here’s Aaron:

A New Social Media Intern at the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll

Hi everyone! My name is Aaron Hyndman, and I’ll be taking over this semester as the Social Media and PR Intern for Eagleton CPIP.   I’m an undergraduate at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and I’m majoring in Communication with a minor in Public Policy. Currently, I’m on track to finish my coursework in December of this year. I’m also involved in an independent research project for my Senior Honors Thesis, using link analysis and survey methods to measure the effects of various language and information structures on the growth of online political networks. Upon completion of my undergraduate work, my goal is a career in public relations or media consulting, in addition to earning a master’s degree in public relations and organizational communication, or perhaps public administration.

I’m a huge soccer fan and enjoy playing soccer, tennis, and skiing. Of course, I also have a strong interest in politics. I’m a big fan of ideas and an even bigger fan of innovative approaches and styles of communicating them.  To me, social media is the greatest achievement we’ve ever had in allowing the facilitation of interactive, transactional, and symmetrical communication between organizations and the people who have a vested interest in them.  Basically, social media has made the notion of reaching out to people in a true two-way dialogue more of a reality than it’s ever been.  I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity to connect people with all the important and fascinating things Eagleton is doing this year, and I hope my daily postings become the start of some great conversations this semester.


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