Coming Later Today: Numbers on the Democrat Sen. Primary

As we post this, we are working on a new release of polling that was in the field last week. We had planned to do this poll before the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg, and frankly we scrambled to insert questions relating to the vacancy. Of course, events moved quickly requiring us to modify questions several times while we were in the field. That’s always a challenge.

In any case, we will have some results of a Cory Booker, Frank Pallone, and Rush Holt head-to-head Democratic primary matchup in a couple hours. Unfortunately we did not include Sheila Oliver since it was not clear until today whether she was running. But we suspect it would not have drastically changed Booker’s position had she been included.

We’ll also have some data on how NJ voters feel about the idea of an October special election vs. holding the Senate vote on Nov. 5.

Stay tuned…


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