Heads up – New Poll Coming!

The summer tends to be a bit slow here at the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Most of our students are off doing summery things, and we’re working hard on planning the next year. But this year we have a poll underway right now, with results to begin being released around the middle of next week. It will be some of the usual – the US Senate race, how Gov. Christie’s doing, and the like, but we’re also working on some interesting questions in cooperation with folks at the New Jersey Medical School, asking about health-related issues. Those results will be released a bit later, after we’ve had time to do some detailed analysis. In the meantime, watch for new numbers on Christie, Booker, and even bridgegate (remember that?)


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2 responses to “Heads up – New Poll Coming!

  1. David Kurkowski

    I would love to see a question on awareness of lobiondos vote to sue Obama and reactions. As well as general questions on ACA. Thanks

  2. Unfortunately the vote to sue came too late to make it onto the current poll. We have asked questions on the ACA before, most recently in April 2014 – our press release on it is on our website here: http://eagletonpoll.rutgers.edu/new-jerseyans-split-on-obamacare-but-24-percent-of-opponents-think-law-does-not-go-far-enough/

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