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Eagleton in Iowa: The Countdown to the Caucus is On!!

Since last August, Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling Director David Redlawsk has been in Iowa, studying the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses, following up on work he and colleagues did in 2007-08 for the book Why Iowa?. The Iowa Caucuses, which will kick off the actual voting in the presidential nominating campaign will be held February 1, at 7pm CST. The New Hampshire primary follows 8 days later. Historically these two events have been played an outsized role in the success and failure of candidates seeking the nomination

What follows is another in our occasional series of posts from him about his experiences and about the campaigns for president. Some of these posts were originally published on the Drake University Caucus Blog; Dave is in residence as a Fellow at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement. In addition to these posts, he is tweeting @DavidRedlawsk as he attends events and watches the process unfold. Dave’s time in Iowa is coming to a close; he’ll return to Rutgers after February 2.

Trump, Sanders could be changing Iowa

This post was first published January 27, 2016 in USA Today. In it, Dave ponders how the Iowa caucus may have evolved from the “quaint” process of election cycles past to something more mainstream as Iowans focus on national issues and candidates like Trump and Sanders.


Political junkies from Beijing to Buenos Aires will be turning their attention Monday night to places like Keokuk and Maquoketa. That’s when the lightly populated Midwestern state of Iowa will kick off the 2016 presidential election campaign at neighborhood caucuses.

As in 2008, both parties have wide open contests and intensely competitive campaigns. Iowa voters — who despite their political image are highly unlikely to be farmers — will be the first to start sorting the candidates …

Read the rest of the column here.



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